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Who We Are:

Data Rewards. is a successful decision support provider specializing in rapid delivery of business insights for senior managers who want to make most our of their limited marketing resources.

Over the past 10 years, our flagship analytics product SuperScoreBuilder (SSB) has been the #1 choice for marketing managers and business analysts in over 20 prominent companies nationally, because it is more practical, faster, cheaper, and better than most of the data mining tools on the market. SSB is built upon user's experience. In other words, SSB is customized to meet increasing demand from marketing analysts who provide quality analysis results to their managers. They have found that whatever they need to make their job easier they'll get it. That's why we've created a large loyal user base as we constantly ask their feedback and provide them exactly what they need.

Data Rewards
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Data Rewards
Data Rewards

What We Do:

The Data Rewards application has been used side-by-side with techniques from a variety of industriess and disciplines.

The application consistently and demonstrably increases sales, response, return-on-investment and profitability time after time. We have solutions to add true value to our client business:

  • Houses an ‘always current’ understanding of what to do with individual customers

  • Maintains unmatched targeting accuracy which never decays

  • Manages customer interactions in a self-learning environment

  • Optimizes actions based on economic performance

  • Provides real-time results in a hosted delivery format

  • Flexible analytical platform that can be deployed in a variety of environments


Why We're Better:

The Data Rewards solution was designed from the ground up to address the shortfalls of incumbent applications by taking marketing, risk and other business analytics to a new level of accuracy and ease of use, and by resolving limiting factors that are inhibiting companies' use of existing systems. The Data Rewards approach is highly focused on generating measured returns, and the unique process enables companies to generate immediate and substantial results. Differentiating points about the Data Rewards system include:

  • The Data Rewards analytic approach, including model development, is very fast. The shorter program cycle time, which can be less than a week, lowers cost and makes it practical to develop more models across a greater range of opportunities

  • The targeting models are significantly more accurate than competing options, That brings substantial economic gains for our clients

  • The economic impact is measured with every initiative, and a clear measure of ROI is provided

  • The targeting models are continually updated, and hence the decay in results, which can be a big chronic problem for business, is eliminated, and

  • Data Rewards' hosted environment enables our clients to achieve superior marketing and results quickly without any change to their existing processes or legacy systems.